• Featured in multiple Great Lakes Angler Magazine Editions.

i​Tournament Wins:

Bluewater Anglers Salmon Derby:

  • 5th Place Salmon, 8th Place Salmon and 5th Place Lake Trout (2022)

  • 1st Place Seniors Day (2019)

  • 2nd Place Club Derby (2018)

  • 1st Place Fall Big FIsh (2017)

  • 2nd Place Rainbow Trout (2017)

  • 1st Place Seniors Day (2016)

  • 4th Place Lake Trout and Daily Biggest Fish Winner (2016)

  • 3rd Place Salmon (2014)

  • 2nd Place Salmon and Daily Biggest Fish Winner (2010)

Chantry Chinook Classic:

  • Daily Largest Salmon Winner (2019)

  • 23rd Place Salmon and Daily Biggest Fsh winner (2016)

  • 5th Place Trout (2014)

  • 12th Place Salmon and Daily Biggest Fish Winner (2013)

  • 15th Place Salmon (2012)

  • 3rd Place Trout (2010)


Certified Captains


  • Chartering is relatively inexpensive. Save the time and cost of owning a great lakes boat.
  • We have a certified Captain and at least 1 crew member on board to better assist you in landing that monster.
  • We stay up to date on fishing equipment and marine electronics, using only the best.
  • Unless you are on the water every day, it is nearly impossible to stay on top fish. We fish often, constantly tracking the thermocline, weather patterns, and baitfish schools. We have won many tournaments by paying attention to the fine details which are often overlooked. We also network with several other captains in the area.
  • We believe you get what you pay for. We are not a discounted charter that can’t afford expensive fuel bills. If we have to make a long run to put you on the highest concentration of fish, we will.
  • Lake Huron is far less fished then most of the other great lakes, putting less pressure on the fish and making most of our favourite spots more traffic free.
  • We do everything in our power to keep you safe, ensure you have fun and catch fish! We go the extra mile to ensure you have the best chance at landing that trophy catch. This includes spending more on quality equipment and tackle.
  • We accommodate all experience levels and ages of anglers. You’re free to just sit back and relax or reel in the BIG one! Angler participation encouraged!
  • We are equipped with a private marine head (porta potty) for the ladies
  • Our section of Lake Huron often has crystal clear water with visibility of 60 feet some days and the fish taste delicious. Nothing beats the flavour of fresh fish kept alive in our live well system or Yeti cooler.

makes the perfect gift

Why Charter?

I love to fish and target King Salmon.  I have invested in top quality gear refusing to compromise on technological advances in the sport.  It is my desire to serve others before myself and apply the skills I have acquired as an optometrist for 30 years helping people.  Our autopilot system allows us to focus on fast equipment changes providing our customers with  less stress during course corrections and fish netting efficiency. I want you to be treated as an important client but it is my hope that you leave as a friend. 


  • Several professional and post graduate degree and certifications at University level
  • London Power and Sail squadron full boating course, navigation and VHF courses
  • Ritz Carleton excellence in customer service program
  • Great Lakes Angler magazine salmon fishing school school of life
  • SV0P Certificate
  • MED A3 Certificate

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries and Engagements
  • Father’s Day, Mother’s Day
  • Company Team Building Events ( great alternative to golf)
  • Whatever else you can think of, we can make it happen!

I have been fishing the waters of Lake Huron my entire life. I grew up fishing almost every weekend with my dad. I live and breathe fishing. I am constantly designing and creating new patterns of spoons, networking with other fisherman, testing out new gear and staying on top of the lake conditions. I am never satisfied until we are the most productive boat on the water. I have over 12 years of experience operating boats in all types of weather conditions. Safety is always my number one concern; I will do my part in ensuring you have a safe, enjoyable and productive fishing charter. I look forward to fishing with you.


  • Small Commercial Vessel Operator Proficiency Training Course (SVOP)
  • Small-Non-Pleasure Vessel Marine Emergency Duties Certificate (MED A3)
  • Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) ROC(M) with DSC
  • Marine First Aid
  • B.A in Criminology from UWO
  • Graduate of Human Resources Management at Fanshawe College
  • Member of OSGA (Ontario Sportfishing Guides Association), Bluewater Anglers and The Western Ontario Fish and Game Protective Association.

    Dr. Robert Sharpe